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  1. I'm going to keep this short, many of you have been asking me about the next update to Life of a Dragon Sequel, known as version 2.4., on Discord and WC3. Many of you have asked me on why I take so long to update in comparison to other Map Makers. I'll tell you straight, I don't do small updates, since Warcraft 3 doesn't feature an updating function for maps (or any of its hosting sites for Bots really), It would clog up the map pool with needless versions again and again that people would have to download again and again, for a small change like 10 minor bug fixes or something. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have you all play the next update, but it's just not finished. I like to do BIG updates, with a plethora of changes, fixes, and additions of content. It's recently hit the 40% completion mark, and when I hit 50%, it should be a lot faster to work on it. I do all the time-consuming stuff first, so once those are done, should be easy sailing. I hope and thank you for understanding.
  2. Guilty Crown - Rise of an Empire

    I'll been talking with LazyKaloz and decided to be the Viceroy, an advisor to him. I don't want to be the Magistrate because I'm honestly not very well fitted to community management. I'm a Map Maker, not a moderator. I do it as a hobby, not a job. I'll offer advise to him but not direct.
  3. Guilty Crown - Rise of an Empire

    Sounds good, there is a lot of diverse interest. And I meant A LOT. For a Wc3 RP community, we sure do have a lot of non-roleplayers starting to come into the fold? If these newcomers are interested in roleplaying perhaps there should be a beginners guide or something. Your first game for a roleplay makes a huge impression on if you will enjoy it or not.
  4. Hi everyone

    Welcome to the Guilty Crown, not actually guilty for stealing the crown!
  5. I'll like to announce a few crucial changes and additions coming to the upcoming big update to Life of a Dragon Sequel, take heed that this does not include everything and I may add more to this thread later! All information presented is that which is the most notable in the update and not minor changes. Important Changes: - Resurrection Stone that is placed in the Brigand Encampment now has up to three consumable charges instead of one-time usage. This will ease the burden of permanent death due to unforeseen circumstance. - The infamous Mating Trigger has gotten a complete overhaul. No longer is it tied to specific growth stages between both Dragons! And no longer are certain dragons only able to mate with other certain dragons! Now all you need is to reach level 18 and you can make clutches of hatchling dragons with any other level 18+ dragon player! (Provided they have the Mate Buff enabled.) - Unique Religion-based Units and Buildings have finally arrived! Now both Kingdom and Empire players can have unique stuff tied only to the Religion they worship! And not only that, but each have their own units and building varients of that religion! - A shit ton of bug fixes, exploits fixes, and balancing! - Gnoll Archer, Rogue Mage, and Demon Survivor Mercenaries have been rebalanced and improved! New ultimates too! - The Dragon Knight and Dragon Rider now have some unique changes to them. Dragon Knight has been drastically rebalanced and Battle Tower tweaked while Dragon Rider now has a Bond Level with his Dragon! Improve this bond for some special dialogue and events! - Moonshine Grove, that being the middlemost forest, now spawns weaker timber wolves in early game. Defeating the Alpha Wolf in the cave will enable the spawning of the stronger dire wolves! - The Silver Dragon has been completely changed in its spell set to be completely custom spells. The Silver Pieces have changed in location and also ways of aquiring, save one. - The City of Polarvale is now a prosperous, non-demon inhabited, fully functioning city owned by the Kayla Kingdom! - Louise does more Louise things! Good for her! - Religions now have their events, questlines, and special stuff! More down below! - Music has been extended for those who like listening! More to Come! Additions: - Religions: Maker, Xaria, La'Koria, Cysgodol, and Utheran... And the new addition, Alona. Now have Questlines. These Questlines are co-op quests that follow a small linear story with rewards based off their premise. Some, even including possibly RP oppotunities with thier rewards or after effects. Just be careful of that useless goddess, Alona! There's probably nothing special about her anyway! - Two hundred years ago, in the original tale within Life of a Dragon, the Continent of Arana held within it the Arana Kingdom, a vast magical nation of Humanity's Golden Age that had been decimated and torn apart by the ravages of the Human-Dragon War brought on by the Demon King, Utheran. Now, revisit nostalgic areas as the entire map of the Original Map is brought back to life with enhanced visual fidelity and the vast differences that two centuries after such a devastating war had caused. Do you have the wits and strength to travel through Arana and rediscover the same paths and secrets the first generation of Chosen Dragons had gone through before you? - New Secrets! Shush! No spoilers! - Improved Crafting! All materials, ores, and ingots in Life of a Dragon Sequel now have a purpose! - Nobles and Clans. The Kayla Kingdom and Lakor Empire now have inside areas of thier Castle and Fortress with representatives of Noble Houses and Clans of their nation! Each House and Clan are tied to specific areas or interests, and can react differently on certain actions that you take as the leader of the Kingdom or Empire! - The Lakor Empire can now select a Female Hero alternative! Hooray for diversity and equality! - Winterfall Town has gotten a bit of a visual upgrade and now has a new Inn that can be entered! A new roleplaying area for player convience! Beds included, drinks charged on purchase. That's all I have to say for now! More later!
  6. Some suggestion i can offer you

    To answer your suggestions/concerns. And I apologize for replying so late as well. 1) I'll make it so entering the city with a hero character will announce the City name in text. "You have entered #### City" 2) True, all Kingdom has is Marthan at the moment, the only unique non-trainable unit. I'll make a few others. 3) I've fixed up some of the cities but I'm keeping them mostly the same in general appearance. I'll probably spice up the decor though. 4) In my current work map of 2.4, there are Religions, which can affect how the populace reacts to you as both Kingdom or Empire. They are also in 2.35 but they don't do anything outside a passive buff. Religions will also affect a group of Noble Houses which will be accessible in the Castle (You can enter the Castle now in 2.4) 5) I use the default Warcraft models in 2.35 because 2.35 was intended to be below the 8mb limit, as there are many other custom models in the game currently for Heroes and Lakor Empire (Only so many fel orc models to use as you know.) Thank you for offering your services, but I enjoy being the lone map maker of Life of a Dragon Sequel. However, I will take you up on the offer on the palette of models so I could browse through your selection and see what takes my fancy for either Kingdom or Empire.
  7. Steel's D&D Pre-made

    Damn, I would LOVE to play... But I'll only be on for two hours if I did cause work... If only this was on Saturday... Or Sunday...
  8. Input of a Fantasy Life Spin-off?

    Oh, Sunkin City tileset? A rare choice for RP maps, I say go for it man! We always need more RP maps on the field since the devs of FL left!
  9. Hate New Topic Writing Method

    I'll just write it elsewhere and paste it here then
  10. You said it! I know the feeling all to well!
  11. Towards the end of the Human-Dragon War, both sides of thr conflict had taken some hefty losses. At this moment, numerous humans were doubting the legitmancy of Utheran's rule, whom at the time was disguised as a human king, after numerous events started to depict the Dragons as more than mindless beasts but as intelligent sentients like themselves. Leading this idealogy was the Dragon Slayer Andihil at the time, who had been secretly caring for a young dragonet that would later bond with him to become the first Dragon Rider. Utheran had grown frustrated by slow progression into the extinction of the Dragonsc in his anger he revealed himself as a Demon King, which would spark the moment Andihil needed to gather together a sufficent force, flee the confines of the Arana Kingdom, and incite rebellion against Utheran's now trannical rule. Fortunately, the Rebellion were able to ally themselves to the Dragons by the actions of a Chosen Dragon, who would act as a middle man between the two and prevent hostilities. Dragon Rider Andihil would continue to grow the Rebellion's numbers as many more humans grew resentful towards the Arana Kingdom and its new usage of demonic forces combined with the now Demon King. When the war had finally ended with the complete collapse of the Arana Civilization and the defeat of Utheran at the paws of the Chosen Dragons, the rebellion took whatever they had left and went eastward... In which they would eventually become the Kayla Kingdom.
  12. Note: This used to be way longer, but the website went all loco on me and deleted half of the content... So I shortened it.
  13. In a previous era, the Magic Golden Age of the Arana Kingdom, humanity, elves, and dragons lived side by side in a period of peace and prosperity. Those days are now long over in the wake of the Arana Kingdom's self-destruction at the manipulative hands of the False King, the Demon, Utheran. A war between mankind and dragons caused by this demon's malicious plot to rule the world brought ruin to both sides, only ending at the climactic battle between Utheran and the Chosen Dragons, legendary draconic figures who sacrificed their longevity for unmatched potential. With the defeat of Utheran, a peace treaty settled between Dragons and Humanity, both retreating east away from their destroyed homeland towards the continent of Kayla. Two centuries later, the remnants of humanity have built up a new civilization, the Kayla Kingdom. However, the damage done by the previous war lingers, humans, elves, and dragons would never again know the serenity their ancestors had experienced in the golden age. The peace treaty's duration has finally come to a close, leaving a crossroad on which direction the world will now head. All the while the cycle of clutch reincarnation ends, sparking the birth of the second generation of Chosen Dragons. Life of a Dragon Sequel v2.35 Hive Link (Changelog included): https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/life-of-a-dragon-sequel-v2-35.276005/ Life of a Dragon Sequel is the successor to the old, Life of a Dragon, map. It is a multiplayer RP-RPG map hybrid that features numerous play styles from the untapped potential of the Chosen Dragons, the large expansive human kingdom of Kayla, to the lone wolf Mercenary. Unlike most other Roleplay Maps, Life of a Dragon Sequel features unique growth for its Dragon players, from the beginnings as a small hatchling, to the massive demigod-like figure of a Wyrm. It also is one of the few RPG maps in which feature permanent death, which only a few mercies for reviving hero characters. Player Slots Chosen Dragons -- The Chosen Dragons are unique draconic figures who go through a cycle of clutch reincarnation at the death of all five of them, matched with limitless potential brought upon them by the sacrifice of their longevity by the Leader Dragons. Each Chosen Dragon can adapt to choose any element and color, becoming one with that type of Dragon, even if that choice did not exist previously. As a Dragon, they start off as small hatchlings, growing at certain level intervals into the final state of a demigod-like Wyrm. However, death is constant at their side, and while meeting a short end at first may revive you once... Anytime afterward will mark the finishing point. Dragon Slayer -- Unlike what the namesake may suggest, the Dragon Slayers are akin to monster hunters than anything else. Their Order created during the Human-Dragon War was used for cruel means by Utheran before they rebelled against him. An altar grants them a place to recuperate if death grabs them, but on its destruction, it cannot be reconstructed. As like all humanoid players, the Dragon Slayer features secret alternatives into becoming something with relevance to Dragons. Dragon Catcher -- The Order of the Catcher in ages past were a means of friendship sport between Dragons and Humans before the False King changed it into the means of capturing and imprisoning young dragons within enchanted prisons. A lone altar may bar you from experiencing death for a moment, but like the Slayer counterpart, once it is destroyed it is gone forever. As like all humanoid players, the Dragon Catcher features secret alternatives tied to Dragons, even perhaps a bit more than that. Kayla Kingdom -- The only human civilization remaining in the world, the Kayla Kingdom are remnants of the rebellion of Arana who journeyed eastward after the destruction of the old kingdom. The Kayla Kingdom controls a vast portion of the continent and features a proud flag on top each settlement if that flag were to ever change its color it would mark the enemy control of that city. The Kingdom relies on its royalty for decisions, for good or ill. Its citizens worship the Maker, the God of Creation, perhaps the only agreement both Humanity and Dragons have left of its old golden days. Differing from the other humanoid players, the Kayla Kingdom features not an alternative, but an addition as a secret of its own. Lakor Empire -- Sorrow and Tragedy is the history that struck the Empire's past, once a proposing nation spread along their homeworld, it was destroyed in brutal fashion by a familiar menace from Kayla, the Demon King. Although the Lakor Orcs managed to beat back and reclaim their world, the damage done had made it a desolate place. Now, the remains of the Empire construct a large portal with the powers of their god, La'Koria, who had believed to have died against Utheran. It is up to their Leader to decide whether or not to make peace... or War. Mercenary -- The Mercenaries are a large selection of heroes with open interpretations of their lore reliant entirely on the player. They are blank states, each featuring their own unique skill set, perhaps even spells bordering on the realm of myth. When a Mercenary dies, the player will be returned to the selection area where they can choose to continue with another hero whose levels will be the same as the previous one. (Featuring Louise Valliere/Void Mage from Life of a Zero Dragon) Routes Routes are unique storylines that encompass the entire continent of Kayla, featuring different individual quest lines for each player slot that tie in together at the end, depending on the completion and/or actions of each hero will change the end result or difficulty of later quests in the Route. As of the current moment, only the Main Story is available for play. Main Story Route - The canon events that occur in the continent of Kayla two centuries after the events of the original Life of a Dragon. Choose a hero and go through a series of quests that come together towards the end in a stand against the return of the Demon, the False King, Utheran. Maker Route - A different story that will go through the events concerning the religious gods and goddess of Kayla in a three different endings storyline that features a mystery that must be resolved in order to truly understand the dark happenings that are occurring. Zero Route - A tale that takes the heroes away from the world of Kayla into the realm of Halkeginia, a different world with different rules. This story follows the events of Life of a Zero Dragon, and even perhaps features moments that can change even from the Fanfiction. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for featuring Life of a Dragon Sequel! Please, leave a comment on what you think of the map, do leave any suggestions in the other subfolders though!
  14. TRIED to write up a whole thing for Life of a Dragon Sequel introduction. But this damn writing thing BROKE everything and removed 75% of the writing work simply because I pressed ENTER... once. Undo/Redo did absolutely nothing. So yeah, I hate this writing system. No offense.
  15. Here everyone is, reviewing, critiquing, giving pros and cons and even rating the map. I'm just like "New map! I had fun, it's good in my opinion." Ain't like this is a review board of anything, it's an introduction in a rp community group, xD. Not HIVE... Though HIVE has asshole reviewers in my opinion...