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    KAR 0.91a is out! Changelog: -The great rebalance is here! It changed stats of all heroes in the game and completely removed stat gains from levels aswell as stat bonus 'ability'/perk from all heroes. -i also rescaled all heroes in realistic manner they will fit world far better aswell. -with the rebalance heroes also gained base buff to their health armour and attack(tho attack dmg was lowered for few heroes) -abilities like evasion or critical hits got almost completely removed, for now only blademaster type heroes kept the ability but it will get adjuated or removed to avoid unwanted kills based just on random crit -i changed model for kiljaiden to use more fitting edited red eredar warlock model, while generic eredar hero uses edited not ethereal model of kiljaeden , this way it fits his position(and icon ;v) better, -some heroes got new set of abilities(some warrior heroes in human type races) Overall 211 heroes have been changed in the update in someways. They will look better in rp and die less in unrped battles it was incredibly time consuming but from now on updates will come more frequently, Enjoy You can download the map here http://kacpaazerothroleplay.boards.net/thread/2/map-download
  2. Kacpa2's Azeroth Roleplay

    KAR 0.90a1 is out! Changelog: -Wyrms rest added in dragonblight, in the next update(0.90b) it will get an interior, -first part of hero rebalances, stock human heroes(including Sylvanas and Muradin) and orcs(including Rexxar, fel orc heroes and Gul'dan) is here, rest will come in 0.90b, -minor fixes and improvements to terrain and doodads around kalimdor(moonwells), -new model for moonwell(edit/fix of the moonwell made by me), -White haired post MoP Jaina, available as simple transformation ability from proper Jaina*, -fixes to units and spells, -Forsaken Improvements, Enjoy! *As you know i dont consider most of wow canon at all, it's flawed in too many places and ways. However it doesnt mean i wont look past that to get stuff to my map's fans so.... yeah 'disclaimer'? Yay? Nay??.... Download the map here: Enjoy http://kacpaazerothroleplay.boards.net/thread/2/map-download
  3. Kacpa2's Azeroth Roleplay

    KAR 0.89b is out! Changelog: -Couple of unit fixes, -Skeletons remade to avoid built in limit of 20-something(it limits amount of skeletons raised by one player in melee), -Alterac now received an interior, -Mortal forms of dragon aspects now are propely targetted as land, -Anrtonidas received Arcane wrath and Golems, it rpelaced Blizzard and water elementals respectively, -all custom versions of Jaina use new model prepared by me, -Tirion received new model made, he wields ashbringer too(a bit edited to be more realistic) -added several doodad moonwells after fixing the model, also a pool area made with them.(gonna add more details all over the map later) Enjoy i will bring wyrmrest, burnt houses and new scarlet models in the next major one(non hotfix/subupdate) Download the map here: Enjoy http://kacpaazerothroleplay.boards.net/thread/2/map-download
  4. Kacpa2's Azeroth Roleplay

    KAR 0.89a is out! changelog: -Give mechanic has been added(works in same way as animation controllers), -Deathwing/Neltharion added to black dragon roost(uncorrupted), -Onyxia/Katrana Prestor added to black dragon roost and 2nd human altar respectively, -New models for Alextrasza's and Ysera's dragon forms(portrait camera are gonna be fixed later). -Animation controller hub has been improved again Download the map here:http://kacpaazerothroleplay.boards.net/thread/2/map-download Enjoy
  5. Kacpa2's Azeroth Roleplay

    KAR 0.88c is out! Changelog: -added 3 new heroes: >Alextrasza with mortal and drake form, available in red dragon roost, >Ysera in green roost, >Nosdormu in bronze roost, -Malygos has been improved with new spells more fitting for him. He also received new mortal form, -missing bronze dragon roost has been added, -all transformspells now have unified button position, -Thrall received new ultimate Volcano, aswell as few improvements to spirit wolves and his onfoot model, -texture bugs with illidan glaives and maiev have been fixed(i updated my maiev models aswell check them on hive workshop if you want) -maiev and glaive textures with several others have significantly reduced weight meaning that map despite getting several new mkdels for aspects is inly 200kb bigger) -training times for drake heroes is reduced to 5 like other heroes(before it was 15), -gap in orgrimmar has been fixed, Enjoy Map is available for download on the forum here: http://kacpaazerothroleplay.boards.net/thread/2/map-download
  6. Hello, from description of the board you should get vague idea that this map is roleplaying sandbox similar to Titan Land, however it's obviously simplier and less time consuming on setup. Compromise, in Titan Land you can create marvels with it's capabilities but it takes lots of time to set up and may not suit some roleplayers. If you want to rp with anyrace or faction from Warcraft or to freelance by creating something custom or alternative versions or mixes of existing races and factions, go ahead In KAR you can do it all, and i'm gradually updating it since it's dawn on December 2015(as release, it was worked on for 3 months prior fixing the terrain basefile), It went a long way and today it's pretty much unrecognizeable to in comparison to initial release. If you want to Suggest me your ideas or report a bug you can do it here http://kacpaazerothroleplay.boards.net/ (you dont need to register to post in feedback suggestions or shoutbox) Enjoy