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  2. Here is a new video that I made called Patch 7.3.5 PTR New Silithus Quest Horde Version where we go back to Silithus on the Horde version to investigate some stuff is now uploaded and now LIVE!! Go check it out!
  3. Go check out my NEW video for 2018 for patch 7.3.5 for new Profession vendors for the upcoming WoW expansion is now uploaded and now LIVE!!!
  4. that map on this moment not better than original Titan lands(sorry for bad english)
  5. Go check out my new video from Warcraft III on Titan Land Lands of Plenty with a updated version is now uploaded and now LIVE!!!
  6. Go watch my BRAND NEW video called WoW Legion:Hunter Class Mount-Huntmasters Loyal Wolfhawk is now uploaded and now LIVE!!! Go check it out!!
  7. Wars of Theosa

    Hello, here´s the next update of the map with some bugfixes and some new ideas showing what i´m working on for now. I only updated half of the races (updating all 12 of some needs some time) so this is more or less a preview of the next one.
  8. Go watch my NEW video from Heroes of the Storm 2.0 on the PTR and from OverWatch name Hanzo is now uploaded and now LIVE!!Go check it out!
  9. Go Check out my NEW video called WoW Legion:Patch 7.3.5 PTR NEW Orgrimmar and Stormwind Embassy for the next WoW Expansion is now uploaded and now LIVE!!!
  10. Update Announcement (v6.4a) New Additions 6 New Heroes: 1. Sun Quan (181-252 AD) 2. Xu Chu (?-230 AD) 3. Cao Hong (?-232 AD) 4. Li Dian (?-215 AD) 5. Wen Yang (238-291 AD) 6. Guan Ping (?-220 AD) New Gameplay System (1): Scenarios Scenarios are a part of the core gameplay of the original Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. It allowed players to have the freedom to take part in the history at any given time period from 190 AD to 230 AD. Here, we introduce three available scenarios in the map. What's so special about these scenarios is that depending on the game scenario selected, players of different colors will be able to play as different characters that were most prominent in that time period. This also features scenario exclusive events that can only be triggered by players when a specific scenario has been selected. This system has a big potential for development in future versions, so do expect more playable scenarios coming! Scenario 1: Battle of Guan Du (200 AD) Scenario 2: Land Divided into Three (211 AD) Scenario 3: Hypothetical (260 AD) New Gameplay System (2): Vassal Rebellion The long awaited Vassal Rebellion system has finally arrived! Now, when surrendered players have reached a specific measure of power, they will be prompted that they are able to rebel against their Lords. Of course, they must remember that once you rebel, you are at a point of no return, as you cannot surrender again! New Gameplay System (3): Technology Research To complicate things even more, libraries can now be constructed by workers to unlock further advancements in military power. Units trained in Elite Barracks will now require research upgrades in order to be unlocked. The cost of research can be quite expensive in early game, so decide wisely which unit you would like to unlock first, as remember each unit can be countered by another! New Game UI: Adjustments All Leader Heroes start with a base damage of 20 followed by increase of attack damage based on primary attribute Farms can no longer be constructed, upkeep expansion is now available as a research upgrade found in the library Reduced movement speed of Guan Yin Ping Reduced the damage of Repeating Crossbows Increased attack speed of normal Cavalry Decreased attack speed of Imperial Guard and Heavy Pikeman Increased HP of Nanman Barbarians Removed Spiked Shield and Beast Ax from Yellow Turbans All elite units training times are set to 1 second Shifted the neutral hostile ships guarding the Yellow Sea slightly South Changed skill set of Lu Bu to Strength Melee Generals skill set Edited the typo on normal Cavalries Bug Fixes The maximum numbers of Repeating Crossbows was not limited to 15 Occurrence of multiple units of the same adjutant The ROTK Team Romance of the Three Kingdoms v6.4a.w3x
  11. Go check out my new video where i almost loose at the end of this game and won it is now uploaded and now LIVE!!
  12. Hey guys I just uploaded a new video where I do more Wow Leveling with my Demon Hunter where I do a dungeon called Eye of Azshara where I get gold and no gear and only a neck at the final boss is now uploaded and now LIVE!!!
  13. Hey guys here is my new video for WoW Legion on how to get the class follower for hunters name Nighthuntress Syrenne is now uploaded and now LIVE!!
  14. Go watch my NEW video called Warcraft III Titan Land Lands Of Plenty? and I will make more videos on this and also on KOT as well to.Go check it out right now!!
  15. Hey guys I just uploaded a NEW video called Hearthstone Knights of the Frozen Throne:EvilDemonMaster VS Professor Putricide is now uploaded and now LIVE on my channel.Please go check it out right now!!
  16. Hey guys go watch my NEW video from Heroes of the Storm and this hero is name Alexstrasza and she and Hanzo were both announce from Blizzcon last week is now uploaded and now LIVE!! Go check it out right now!
  17. Hey guys,Here is episode 72 of my WoW Leveling with my Demon Hunter where I kill more demons and talk about BlizzCon from last week is now uploaded and now LIVE!!Go check it out!
  18. Hey guys,check out this quick guide on how to glitch in Dalaran Bank in Legion is now uploaded and now LIVE!!
  19. Update on the 2.4 Update

    Kacpa gets asked for diffrent things to be added all the time he does do a huge update every so often but he likes to keep up with his requests
  20. Go watch my NEW video where I defeat Blood Queen Lana'thel in Hearthstone Knights of the FrozenThrone is now uploaded and now LIVE!
  21. Update Announcement (v6.3c) New Additions New Hero: Guan Yin Ping (?-? AD) According to the folks legends, amongst the four children of Guan Yu, Guan Yin Ping was ranked the third eldest. However, there was no actual historical records of claiming the existence of such person. Rumors has it that, like her brothers, Guan Yin Ping developed sharp proficiency in martial arts by the age of 18. During the period when her father was the minister of Jing Province, Sun Quan had kindly offered a marriage arrangement for his son. However, due to the condescending attitude of her father towards Sun Quan, the marriage proposal was rejected. Guan Yin Ping later under the influence of Zhuge Liang, was married to Li Yi prior to the Nanman Campaign. New Gameplay System: Adjutants Adjutants serve as the second in command, assisting the leading Generals in devising strategies and offering support on the forefronts of the battlefields. Adjutants in the game are essentially the stronger form of the elite units, as well as offering additional positive auras to nearby friendly units. They can be distinguished from normal units by their larger model size and the special effect positioned overhead of their models. The adjutants were selected based on historically references, in which they were actually the primary leaders of specific elite units in game. The adjutants cannot be specifically trained from a building, they can be obtained in two ways: (1) 5% chance for adjutants to spawn every time an elite unit is trained, (2) Adjutants are guaranteed to spawn once a player has recruited at least 12 units of a specific elite unit type. Note that each adjutant can only belong to a specific player at a time, hence no duplicates are possible. Adjutants can be recruited again, if they have fallen on the battlefield. Finally, Adjutants are units, therefore do not gain experience or skill points. List of Adjutants added: Remake of Attack/Armor Type Tooltips To more clearly assist players in identifying the counter to each available unit in the game, the tooltips for attack and armor types are enhanced. It will now explicitly list out all the percentage of damage dealt or received in respect to every other attack and armor types. This will help new players to have a much easier time in deciding what types of units to recruit to fight against other Warlords. Adjustments Slight enhancements to Game UI Complete Remake of F9 Information Tab Maximum numbers of Heroes owned per faction is set to 5 Heroes become available for recruit again in Taverns once a player leaves Reduced income gain of all Sea Control Points Increased lumber cost of all Elite units Increased the training time of all Elite units Decreased recruitment gold cost of Shaolin Disciples Increased starting Intelligence of all Faction Leaders Increased starting Agility of Zhang He Decreased starting Agility and Strength of Lu Meng Reduced the initial Hero level of Lu Meng from 6 to 4 Increased the recruitment cost of Guan Yu The Oath of Peach Garden ability is now only added to Liu Bei, Guan Yu , Zhang Fei after the event, "Oath of Peach Garden" has been triggered Chaos Attack type is now referred to as Fire Attacks Magic Attack Type is now referred to as Phalanx Attacks Reduced the damage dealt to Medium Armor by Piercing and Fire Attacks Reduced the damage dealt to Fortified Armor by Phalanx Attacks Increased Neutral hostile units surrounding Sea Control Points Fixed Pathing Bug Fixes Marketplace of Yi State and Ta County does not change ownership after the city is taken Recruitment lumber cost of Zhang Fei was only 50 The ROTK Team Romance of The Three Kingdoms v6.3c.w3x
  22. Update on the 2.4 Update

    Still better than what I remember Kacpa2 doing, his map is great but like 1-2 new versions every week or every other week was a tad annoying to download.
  23. I'm going to keep this short, many of you have been asking me about the next update to Life of a Dragon Sequel, known as version 2.4., on Discord and WC3. Many of you have asked me on why I take so long to update in comparison to other Map Makers. I'll tell you straight, I don't do small updates, since Warcraft 3 doesn't feature an updating function for maps (or any of its hosting sites for Bots really), It would clog up the map pool with needless versions again and again that people would have to download again and again, for a small change like 10 minor bug fixes or something. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have you all play the next update, but it's just not finished. I like to do BIG updates, with a plethora of changes, fixes, and additions of content. It's recently hit the 40% completion mark, and when I hit 50%, it should be a lot faster to work on it. I do all the time-consuming stuff first, so once those are done, should be easy sailing. I hope and thank you for understanding.
  24. Go watch EP.71 of my WoW Leveling where I got to level 104 on my Demon Hunter is now uploaded and now LIVE!!
  25. Kacpa2's Azeroth Roleplay

    KAR 0.91a is out! Changelog: -The great rebalance is here! It changed stats of all heroes in the game and completely removed stat gains from levels aswell as stat bonus 'ability'/perk from all heroes. -i also rescaled all heroes in realistic manner they will fit world far better aswell. -with the rebalance heroes also gained base buff to their health armour and attack(tho attack dmg was lowered for few heroes) -abilities like evasion or critical hits got almost completely removed, for now only blademaster type heroes kept the ability but it will get adjuated or removed to avoid unwanted kills based just on random crit -i changed model for kiljaiden to use more fitting edited red eredar warlock model, while generic eredar hero uses edited not ethereal model of kiljaeden , this way it fits his position(and icon ;v) better, -some heroes got new set of abilities(some warrior heroes in human type races) Overall 211 heroes have been changed in the update in someways. They will look better in rp and die less in unrped battles it was incredibly time consuming but from now on updates will come more frequently, Enjoy You can download the map here http://kacpaazerothroleplay.boards.net/thread/2/map-download
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